Hi. I'm Tom.

I write poetry, essays, and fiction. Though most of my time is spent twiddling my thumbs. I teach First-Year Writing at Rowan University. I'm also an occasional film crew member, and sometimes make things on

You can reach me across the waves at [email protected]



  • Working on a collection of essays on car culture in America.
  • Writing poems inspired by Jericho Brown's innovated form, the Duplex.
  • Reading Edward Rutherfurd's London.
  • Cramming all my work in for the end of the semester.
  • Tossing around the idea of starting an online literary journal.

Inspired by Derek Sivers


FRAGMENTS are broken statements, and brief outbursts on the complexity of human life set to poetic rhythm...

Just enough to fill a 3" x 5" notebook.

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WHAT THE %&#! IS AN ESSAY? journeys into what the hell an essay might be. It was made with Electric Zine Maker and can be viewed on my itch page.


ALTERNATIVE ULSTER focuses on the period of conflict throughout twentieth century Ireland known as "The Troubles." It is made up of a variety of poetry, art, narrative, and a mixture of myth and dramatization to create a one of kind work of historical fiction.


FAST & LOOSE is a mini-collection of 15 Haiku poems, with illustrations.


BITTER ANGELS Pre-production

A desperate, unlikely trio kidnap a billionaire to livestream his execution as a ruthless insurance investigator races to stop them.

GROOVE (2021) Production Assistant

Matt is in the zone, he's groovin'. Until the outside world intrudes.

GROOVE has been/will be screened at:

2021 One Minute Story Film Festival (Winner: Best Film)
2021 New York City Film and Television Festival (Finalist: Best One Minute Film)
2021 Atlantic City Cinefest
2021 Jersey Shore Film Festival (Nominee: Best Domestic Qwik Qlip)
2021 Big Teeth Small Shorts Film Festival (Winner: Best Film, Micro Shorts)
2021 Minute Madness Toronto (Honourable Mention)
2022 Media Film Festival
2022 New Jersey Independent Film Festival
2022 Micro Minute Film Festival
2022 Shockfest Film Festival

THE LAST WHITE MAN (2020) Production Assistant/Cast

THE LAST WHITE MAN is the story of Karl Gordon, an underemployed pizza delivery boy who works in his quiet suburban hometown where romantic, professional, and social failures fuel his hatred for the changing world around him, setting him on a course that can only lead to carnage.

Official Selection 2021 Atlantic City Cinefest (Winner: Best Director, Mark L. Mazzeo)